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Welcome Back Twisters!

Hello and welcome back to the 10th season of Twisters Hockey! We have now gotten our web site back up after it was hacked multiple times. With the help of Carl Sampson and Reece Tofaute we are again in touch with you. We need to thank them as we are all volunteers here! So, Thank You Carl and Reece!

For those of you asking what is new I can tell you we have been very busy over the summer. We have been in contact with multiple other programs and have been looking into setting up for out of town tournaments or festivals that we can skate in. We have kicked around having games with programs from out of state for their scheduled times or our time. In the future we would like to host a tournament here in Indy and have been in pre-planning for a while.

It is with mixed emotions that the Indy Twisters Hockey organization has come to the decision to become an American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) only. This means we will no longer be a USA Hockey program. We in leadership wish to thank USA Hockey for their continued support of our program and the gifts of help we have received. We wish to especially thank Eileen Mills (former Secretary of USA Hockey Mid American District) as she has been our registrar since our first season with USA Hockey. This wonderful woman has had to deal with the pulling of teeth that is getting us in compliance. The coaches especially! All that time she would show the patients of Job as we (or I) would fumble through the process. Thank you Eileen for your help and dedication! Its people like you that have jumped in with both feet to make Indy Special Hockey a reality. ASHA has given us an opportunity to register our players and program with no cost to us all. This is an organization who’s only focus is the special needs athlete. With the help of the ASHA organization we will roll into this season with more resources and backing than ever.

Finally, we will have our first skate scheduled for Sunday the 7th of October at the Arctic Zone in Westfield. We have the ice from 3:15 to 5:30 PM on Sundays and the schedule is posted on here for you to see. We are in the mid-american region.


Fill out your registration online. Please go to and click on the registration tab.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the ice!

Steve Tofaute
President Indy Twisters Hockey


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