Twisters Off to Record Start!!!

The Indy Twisters have a new dawn arising! As of the third week of skating there are 52 players registered with ASHA and USA Hockey to the Indy Special Hockey Association. That is easily the highest number we have had at this time of the season by at least 15 players! The new players have seen an influx of younger skaters and a cross section of male and female skaters. The varied ages are as wide as the numbers.

With a lot of help coach Francois Hurtubise has his work cut out for him. The number of new skaters has tripled and the amount of one on one help needed has grown with it! To round out all our needs we have had a huge boost with the help of some younger coaches. Reece Tofaute, Marlie Tofaute and Grant Detamore are all middle schoolers that are there weekly to help their friends and our skaters learn to skate! Some of the newer parents have seen the help these kids have given and have commented on them. “Those teen helpers are just so amazing and attentive. They are really great peers for my son.” Parent Todd Root commented.

The infusion of new blood means more equipment is needed and that means funds! If you know someone who may need a tax write off or just has a soft spot for children on the spectrum please direct them to our web site or invite them out to our practice. Let the smiles of our kids become contagious to them as they are to us!

See you on the ice!






Here’s some photos and a video from our recent Skate-a-thon. It was a big success. Thank you to everyone who helped out. We’ve also got a few video clips of the event coming, as well as, working on getting pics and video posted from the new season, which is now in full swing. Go Twisters!

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Hello, Twisters and Twister fans. We are having our first ever organized fundraiser Sunday, September 21st! It’s a Skate-a-thon at the Arctic Zone in Westfield. The twisters and their families will  be out looking to fill their sheets with donations before the event, while our Twister fans can come out for a night of fun and skate with us in exchange for a $10 donation. If you can’t join us then, see the link below to donate directly to the Twisters. Check out the flyer for all the details. Hope to see you all there!

Skate-a-thon Flyer

Skate-a-thon Donation Signup Sheet

To Donate Directly

Twisters on the Road in Culver

Back in the fall the Twisters got an email inviting us to attend a special needs hockey festival being put together by a high school student. That’s right, a high school student. How many festivals did you put on during your high school days ? A few of the Twisters had already attended special hockey events by joining other teams, so we knew how special these events are to the skaters as well as the families involved. At that time the Twisters had never traveled and played together as a team. It had been a goal of the Twister coaches since the beginning. Check out the video and pics below to see what it was like.

Big thank you’s go out to Kelsi Carr, Culver AcademiesKitchener Ice Pirates Hockey TeamMORC Stars,

The Twisters Hit the Big Time

The Indy Twisters had a fabulous time skating between periods at the January 3rd, Indiana Ice game against Cedar Rapids. The Banker’s Life home crowd was great. They stayed in their seats and cheered the skaters on for the five minutes our kids were on the ice. The time on the clock went by quick but hopefully the memories will last a lifetime.

A big thank you goes out to the Indiana Ice organization for providing the Twister kids this opportunity. The Twisters organization was also named the “Chuck the Puck” beneficiary that same night, where fans can buy pucks and then toss them to a target on center ice between periods for cash and prizes. The best part is the Twisters get half the money. Thank you Indiana Ice and fans!

Coming up Saturday, March 1st, we have another fundraising opportunity with the Indiana Ice. It’s called Pack the House night. It’s where fans or companies can buy tickets and half the ticket cost will be donated to Twisters. Contact us for more information on how it all works.

Season in Full Swing With a Welcome Visit From Lawrence High Schools Varsity Hockey Players


  • Varsity Hockey players; Brett Koopman, Marcus Thompson, Alex Beckman, Connor Murphy, Austin Todd, Hank Grenda, and Alex Beckman.
    Indy Twisters players; Andrew, Carter, Alec, Joseph, Peter, Bryce, and Levi.

The kids are excited and have put forth an impressive effort in the first few skates according to Coach Francois. “We seem to have a greater focus right now” is how he described our group after an October skate. We have most of our kids registered for the season and they all are excited of the possibility of games on the horizon.

For a welcome surprise some of the boys from the Lawrence varsity hockey team came out to volunteer at on of our practices in October. The impact was felt from both sides. The kids look up to these players coming from a high school team that are interested in giving some of their time to help them. The players from Lawrence get a firsthand look at the fact the Kids in The Indy Twisters organization are players just like them with a desire to get better and help each other. One player told me “these kids listen better than most non-special needs kids we have helped!” That is a testament to the coaching staff of the Twisters organization and the enthusiasm of our players for the game. For a first in our existence we will be playing a tournament this season being held at Culver Military School in Culver Indiana in the beginning of March 2014. Once again we will also be skating between periods at an Indiana Ice game at Bankers Life Field House January 3rd. With a few games scheduled between the Twisters and another team from Fishers we have an exciting season set to happen into 2014! As always we have to thank all our donors and we will keep you informed if any additions to our schedule happen.

Until next time, see you on the ice!

Looking Forward to the Upcoming Season

Well we are poised for a new season. We have tried to include all the info you will need to get started and registered for the season to come. First registration will need to be done online at the USA Hockey web site. You will need to go to the registration tab and register as a Special Hockey player. Please print off the registration confirmation barcode page and bring it to the first skate date. We will be having our registration on 10/6/2013 starting at 3:30 PM.  This will be a registration for our program and an equipment fitting for the players. We will be getting the volunteers set to do the fittings and will be setting up the equipment forms for our records. On this day the payers will be able to put on equipment and there will be an informal optional practice for those willing to skate. We will have coaches on the ice to oversee the kids and assist with the new skaters.

We are including the first half of the season dates because the second half of the season we have an expanded schedule. The number of players has grown to a size where the different ability of our athletes has necessitated different approaches for the ones who are more advanced and the ones who are still learning. We have set some dates for skating against another program in the area and are negotiating some dates with other programs out of state. Keep up on what is happening on the web site and we will add these dates when we have them.

The first half of the season is as follows; 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/8 and 12/15. These are at 5:45 to 6:45 Sundays as usual. If you are interested in helping on or off the ice we will be taking down names and numbers and will be adding you to our email list for group emails that will be going out. Francois, Ed, Greg and myself are looking forward to a great season this year and are expecting our largest group in the five year history of this program.

Looking forward to a great 2013-2014 season.

See you on the ice!